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Q&A about the cardboard viewer and the virtual reality video

1. What does the cardboard viewer do?

The cardboard viewer is an easily assembled tool that works with smartphones to make an immersive virtual reality experience accessible to a wide audience.

2. Do I need a certain type of smartphone and/or operating system to view the virtual reality video through my cardboard viewer?

The cardboard viewer works with most modern smart phones.

For Android, devices need to be running Android 4.1 or above. For iPhone, devices need to be running iOS 7 or above. Additionally, you must have YouTube version 11.19 installed. To watch the video, the YouTube app will open automatically. Touch the viewer icon in the bottom right corner of the video to split the screen so you can watch using your cardboard viewer. For the best viewing quality, connect via wifi and adjust your settings to 1080p or higher. Details on how to adjust your settings can be found on this YouTube Help page.

3. I don’t have a cardboard viewer. Are there other ways I can view the video?

Yes, you can visit any U.S. TOMS Community Outpost or select AT&T retail stores to watch “A Walk In Their Shoes” using a virtual reality headset. Or, you can watch the immersive 360° video using the YouTube app, however, you won’t get the full virtual reality experience.


Health and Safety Information

4. Is there any health & safety information I should be aware of?

  • Take frequent breaks while using the virtual reality viewer. If you experience nausea, discomfort, eye strain or disorientation, immediately discontinue use.
  • Not for use by children under the age of 13.
  • Do not use the virtual reality viewer while driving, walking or otherwise by being distracted from real world situations that prevent you from obeying traffic or safety laws.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery immediately after using the virtual reality viewer if you feel impaired or disoriented.
  • The virtual reality viewer may trigger health reactions. If you are prone to seizures or other serious medical conditions, consult a doctor before use.
  • Consult with a doctor if you have serious and/or persistent symptoms.

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